Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Individual and Family Dynamics 120 (Grade 9)

Personal Growth and Development

Students will identify and explore factors contributing to personal growth and development

2.2 students will gain an understanding of what influences their personal development

  • Analyze how media and role models can influence the growth and development of an individual
  • Examine cultural and social stereotyping
  • Analyze influences and evaluate strategies to enhance positive self-concept

2.3  Students will explore gender identity, gender role identity and gender stereotyping

  • Determine how society affects our perception of gender roles
  • Identify the stereotypes associated with gender

2.4 Students will develop an awareness of personal sexuality and responsible sexual behavior

  • Explain why it is important to make careful, responsible and informed decisions about sexual health and behavior
  • Describe ways to handle sexual feelings and sexual pressure (e.g. peers, media, partner, etc.)

2.5 Students will explore the issues and challenges facing individuals as they transition throughout adulthood

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how people may be treated depending on their age

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Interpersonal Relationships

Students will identify and define the context of interpersonal relationships

3.1 Students will explore forming relationships in the 21st century

  • Analyze the changing nature of interpersonal relationships
  • Understand the impact that technology has had on relationships in the 21st century
  • Describe various ways relationships can begin (e.g. proximity, mutual interests/friends, internet, arranged, clubs, etc.)

3.2 Students will seek an understanding of healthy personal relationships

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to stay safe in a variety of interpersonal relationships
  • Recognize potentially unsafe situations (e.g. dates, chat rooms, parties, abusive individual, authority figure, stalker, bully, etc.)
  • Describe appropriate ways to handle a variety of unsafe relationship situations

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Individual and Family Wellness

Students will gain an understanding of issues that affect individual and family wellness

4.1 Students will gain an understanding of how personal choice contributes to overall wellness

  • Generate positive strategies for coping with stress
  • Identify psychological and emotional factors that affect eating habits

4.3 Students will explore the impact of how families and individuals choose to manage their time and financial resources

  • Gain an understanding of time management skills
  • Identify the differences between needs and wants and the impact on individual and family finances
  • Understand the benefits of effective time management skills and their importance on the healthy functioning of the family

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