Alberta - Physical Education and Wellness Grade 2

Character Development

Exploration of life opportunities and virtues develops resilience and personal talents and promotes lifelong learning.

Guiding Question: How are roles connected to character development?

Learning Outcome: Students examine roles, responsibilities, and self-regulation and their connections to self-understanding.

Knowledge: Self-regulation is effectively maintaining control over attention, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour in a variety of situations. Self-regulation is the ability to attain or maintain a level of focus and function.

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Understanding: Self-regulation can help decrease stress and manage anxiety.

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Skills and Procedures: Explain the benefits of self-regulation.

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Knowledge: Self-regulation strategies include

  • physical activity
  • thinking before responding
  • recognizing challenges and obstacles

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Understanding: Self-regulation strategies that maintain or enhance positive emotions are important for establishing effective outcomes.

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Skills and Procedures: Describe strategies that support self-regulation.

Practise a variety of self-regulation strategies.

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A lifetime of optimal well-being is supported by prioritizing health and safety.

Guiding Question: How can safety be supported in various contexts?

Learning Outcome: Students examine and apply personal safety in a variety of situations.

Knowledge: Safety strategies are developed for a variety of contexts, such as

  • home
  • school
  • online
  • emergencies

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Understanding: Safety is needed for survival.

Individual consent is important in making safe decisions.

Trusted adults in the school and community can support individuals in unsafe and uncomfortable situations.

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Skills and Procedures: Discuss ways to respond in unsafe or uncomfortable situations.

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Growth and Development

Growth and Development: Decision making that optimizes personal health and well-being is informed by understanding growth and development.

Guiding Question: How can growth change over time?

Learning Outcome: Students examine how growth is affected by variables.

Knowledge: Body image is the way an individual views or feels about their body.

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Understanding: Accepting and appreciating the changes of the body during growth can support positive body image.

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Skills and Procedures: Recognize how a variety of factors can affect healthy growth.

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