Wacky Media Songs: Ethics and Empathy Lesson Plan

Level: Grade K to 3

About the Author: Matthew Johnson, Director of Education, MediaSmarts.

Duration: 10-15 minutes per activity

This lesson is part of USE, UNDERSTAND & ENGAGE: A Digital Media Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools.


This lesson series contains discussion topics and extension activities for teachers to integrate the TVOKids Original series Wacky Media Songs. This lesson focuses on students’ social-emotional skills and empathy towards others as well as their ability to make ethical decisions in digital environments when dealing with issues such as cyberbullying.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Understand that interactions through digital media can have a real impact
  • Consider the possible positive and negative impacts of online actions
  • Understand that how interactive media are made influences how we use them
  • Reflect on ways in which online communication may lead to misunderstanding or conflict
  • Identify strategies for resolving conflict and maintaining safety online

Preparation and materials

Review the following Wacky Media Songs videos and prepare to show students the ones you wish to discuss: