Outcome Chart - Alberta - Career and Life Management Grade 12

Personal Choices

Investigate how Science, Technology, and Media Affect Wellness

  • examine the benefits and limitations of these sources of developments and discoveries
  • explain the media role and influence over personal emotional/spiritual expression, peer pressure and the use of alcohol and drugs
  • apply current wellness issues in the community, province, country and world relative to developments in science and technology
  • list ways to learn about new developments and be an informed consumer

Evaluate Resources and Support Systems for Each Dimension of Health and Well-being for Self and Others

  • explain ways to learn responsible consumer strategies and actions of responsible citizenship


Related Resources

Resource Choices

Develop Strategies to be Informed Consumers

  • describe the influences on personal consumer choices
  • demonstrate informed consumer actions regarding health issues, products and services
  • analyze the impact of personal values, wants and needs on being an informed and responsible consumer