Media Literacy Week

Media Literacy Week Teacher’s Hub

Welcome to the Media Literacy Week Teachers’ Hub!
This space is designed to provide you with plug and play lessons and resources on digital and media literacy topics that relate to this year’s event, brought to you by MediaSmarts and supported by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

Coming soon… This year, the teachers’ hub will feature five days of lesson plans and activities curated around five media literacy themes - use, understand, engage, access and verify! We’re also bringing you three pre-recorded lessons, led by MediaSmarts experts, covering topics like body image, online hate and identifying what’s real online. Stay tuned for more details!

Looking for more resources?

USE, UNDERSTAND & CREATE: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools

USE, UNDERSTAND & CREATE provides a road map for teaching digital literacy skills in Canadian schools. The framework draws on seven key aspects of digital literacy – ethics and empathy, privacy and security, community engagement, digital health, consumer awareness, finding and verifying and making and remixing – and provides teachers with supporting lessons and interactive resources that are linked to curriculum outcomes for every province and territory.

Digital and Media Literacy Outcomes by Province & Territory

This web section provides detailed information on media education for each province and territory, information on provincial/territorial media education organizations, and a listing of media education curricular outcomes, by grade, with links to supporting MediaSmarts resources.