Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Career Education 6

Change and Growth (CG)

Overall Expectations

Goal: All students will develop career management competencies through an exploration of personal change and growth.

Specific Expectations

CG6.1 Investigate the influence of a positive self-image on one’s life.

CG6.2 Analyze the benefits of developing personal competence in building healthy relationships (i.e., emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical).


MediaSmarts Resources


Avatars and Body Image

Female Action Heroes

Girls and Boys on Television

Image Gap

Introduction to Ethics: Avatars and Identity

Mirror Image

Prejudice and Body Image

Put Downs

That’s Not Cool

TV Stereotypes

Understanding the Internet Lesson 4: Communication and Social Media

Villains, Heroes and Heroines

Interactive Resources

Top Secret!

Student Tutorials (Licensed Resource)

Passport to the Internet (licensed resource)

A Day in the Life of the Jos