Drama 30

Overall Expectations:

CP30.3 Express a multiplicity of artistic voices and perspectives(e.g., self, family, community, marginalized individuals, silenced people in history, powerful figures, celebrities, extraterrestrials, fictional characters) through works of dramatic art.

Specific Expectations:

a. Assume roles in order to represent a variety of voices and perspectives.

b. When preparing a scene, monologue or play, consider questions such as: whose voice and perspective is being heard? Who is left out of the story? How does voice impact the story? How does the perspective impact the audience?

c. Analyze and describe how personal identity and cultural lens affects creation of the work.

d. Explore ways of expressing power, status and perspective through drama work (e.g., Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, contextual drama).

MediaSmarts Resources

Miscast and Seldom Seen
Transgender Representation in TV and Movies
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