Outcome Chart – Nunavut - School Health Program 7

Strand: Aulajaaqtut

Overall Expectations: Mental and Emotional Well-being

Specific Expectations:


1. identify what criticism is
2. identify constructive and destructive criticism
3. identify the results of criticism

1. identify ways of giving and receiving criticism
2. practice giving and receiving constructive criticism

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Overall Expectations: Growth and Development 

Specific Expectations:

Teen Decisions

1. demonstrate the steps in the refusal process
2. describe assertive responses that allow a person to say 'No' to sexual pressure
3. explain how assertiveness skills can help adolescents deal with sexual pressure

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Overall Expectations: Alcohol and Other Drugs 

Specific Expectations:


1. describe why alcohol is a drug
2. explain the uses for the different types of alcohol

1. explain how alcohol passes through the body

1. identify the factors which affect the absorption rate of alcohol

1. identify some short-term effects of drinking alcohol
2. identify some long-term effects of drinking alcohol


1. explain how peer pressure can influence decisions about drug use
2. demonstrate ways of resisting peer pressure with regard to drug use

1. describe the importance of role models for youth with regard to decisions about drugs
2. identify individuals who are positive role models in their school, community and country

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