Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Social Studies 10-1/10-2

Strand: Nunavusiutit


2. Rights, Responsibilities and Justice
3. Governance and Leadership

Overall Expectations:

Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes

4. recognize the importance of their continued participation in the political and electoral processes (1)

6. recognize that all humans are born with inalienable rights as set out by the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and supported by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (2)

8. understand that societies are dynamic and change over time (2)

9. recognize the importance of their continued participation in civic processes (2)

20. integrate and synthesize ideas and evidence so as to express a personal opinion on selected issues (4)

21. choose appropriate tools to communicate their learning to an authentic audience (4)

Skills and Processes:

Dimensions of Thinking

S.1 develop skills of critical thinking and creative thinking

S.4 demonstrate skills of decision making and problem solving

Social Participation as a Democratic Process

S.5 demonstrate skills of cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus building

S.6 develop age-appropriate behaviour for social involvement as responsible citizens contributing to their community

Research for Deliberative Inquiry

S.7 apply the research process


S.8 demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy

S.9 develop skills of media literacy:

  • assess the authority, reliability and validity of electronically accessed information
  • evaluate the validity of various points of view presented in the media
  • appraise information from multiple sources, evaluating each source in terms of the author’s perspective or bias and use of evidence
  • analyze the impact of various forms of media, identifying complexities and discrepancies in the information and making distinctions between sound generalizations and misleading oversimplification
  • demonstrate discriminatory selection of electronically accessed information that is relevant to a particular topic

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