Outcome Chart - Alberta - Career and Technology 7

CTF is exploring interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to career possibilities

  • I explore my interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities.
  • I use skills/technologies associated with occupational areas.
  • I follow safety requirements associated with occupational areas and related technologies.


CTF is designing, creating, appraising and communicating responses to challenges

  • I problem solve in response to challenges.
  • I design in response to challenges.
  • I adapt to change and unexpected events.
  • I make decisions in response to challenges.
  • I appraise product(s), performance(s) or service(s) created in response to challenges.
  • I appraise the skills/technologies I use in response to challenges.
  • I communicate my learning.


Interactive Resources

CTF is working independently and with others while exploring careers and technology

  • I describe how my actions affect learning.
  • I develop skills that support effective relationships.
  • I collaborate to achieve common goals.