10 tiny ways you can make the world a better place today

Tip Sheet

You can make the world a better place TODAY

  1. Smile.... at everyone.J (Morgan, 12)
  2. Say thank you, and really mean it. (Scott, 14)
  3. Include or invite someone into whatever you are doing. (Brynn, 15)
  4. Put your device away for a while when hanging out with friends. (Kathy, 14)
  5. Compliment a friend. It may be the first genuine compliment they’ve got in a while and it will brighten their day. (Ian, 16)
  6. Don’t forward that rumour/chain letter/bad photo. (Sasha, 13)
  7. Help someone if they need help. Don’t walk away. (Lindsay, 10)
  8. Spread the word about good causes: don’t be shy to share links to issues you care about (just make sure to check the source!) (Sarah, 15)
  9. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t post it. (Hana, 14)
  10. Whenever you can, give credit to the original poster when you share something online. (Sophie, 14)