Movies - Overview

Kids have always enjoyed watching movies, and as films have become available through more and more media this popular activity has come to play an increasingly influential role in their lives: nearly half of Canadian teens say that movies are their favorite entertainment medium. [1]

While there's a wealth of great films out there, young people also have easy access to adult material that is clearly unsuitable for them.

To be aware of the content their children are exposed to, parents need to understand the rating systems for movies and home videos and take an interest in what they're viewing.

Parents and teachers can also take an active role in influencing viewing tastes by exposing children and teens to a wide variety of quality films—Hollywood classics, foreign films, documentaries—as well as the best the industry has to offer for young people.



[1] Hajar, Kelley. Teens & Movies: A Look At Canadian Teens' Movie Preferences and Behaviors. Connect 13, April 2012.