Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Social Studies 2

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Saskatchewan, Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Investigate the processes and structures of power and authority, and the implications for individuals, communities, and nations

Overall Expectations

Assess and practise various approaches to resolving conflicting interests within the community.

Analyze rights and responsibilities of citizens in the school and local community.

Specific Expectations

Recognize that the existence of conflicting interests does not necessarily result in conflict, and that harmonious communities resolve conflicting interests in peaceful ways.

Review processes for resolving conflicting interests in the classroom and school.

Identify attributes of successful approaches to resolution of conflicting interests.

Apply successful approaches to resolving conflicting interests in the classroom and school communities.

Differentiate between the nature of the rights of children and of adult citizens in the community.