Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Health Education Grade 2

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Saskatchewan Health Education curriculum with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site. The foundational and learning objectives of the elementary health curriculum are not categorized by grade level, as it is intended that these objectives will be attained over the entire period from grade 1 to grade 5.

Develop the understanding, skills, and confidences necessary to take action to improve health

Overall Expectations

Determine how healthy snacking practices influence personal health.

Specific Expectations

Discuss how to determine if a snack is healthy/unhealthy (e.g., reflect on what is known, gather information).

Examine, sample, and describe (i.e., taste, look, smell, feel, sound) a variety of healthy snacks.

Investigate benefits of healthy snacking (including but not limited to growth and development, increased concentration, healthy weight, improved oral health).

Illustrate how healthy snacking provides sustained energy throughout the day.

Examine why people choose particular snacks (e.g., culture, cost, preference, availability, media).


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