Digital Citizenship: Using technology for good  

What does it mean to be a digital citizen?

Being a digital citizen is about working to ensure you are contributing to the health and well-being of your communities. How are you contributing to a positive culture online?

Four categories:

  1. Empathy and Community
  2. Positive Technology Use
  3. Sharing Information
  4. Ethics and Privacy

Digital Citizenship: Using technology for good           

What happens online can have a real impact. It’s up to us whether the impact is positive or negative.

What are some ways of using digital tech for good?

  1. Connect with friends and family.

Check in on the people you care about, especially if they’re having a hard time.

  1. Use digital tools mindfully.

It’s no fun when you’re hanging out with someone and their nose is in their phone. Put away your devices when spending time IRL with others.

  1. Be an engaged citizen in your online communities.

Read the news, learn about an issue that affects your community, get involved with causes you care about, and connect with your neighbours. We can use digital tech to make a difference in issues that affect our communities and the whole world.

  1. Don’t assume everyone believes what the loudest voices say.

When we’re in online groups, it can be easy to believe that everyone thinks what the loudest voices are saying. This can make it seem like hate and harassment are normal, but the fact is that most people don’t do things like that.

  1. Make your voice heard.

If we make our own voices heard online, we can help show that most people don’t want negative or hurtful talk in our communities. One person speaking out makes it easier for others to push back J

Every voice matters and can make an impact. Use technology as a tool for good.