Outcome Chart - Ontario - Computer Programming 12 College ICS4C

Computers and Society

Overall Expectations

D2. demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues and practices related to the use of computers;

Specific Expectations

D2.1 investigate and describe an ethical issue related to the use of computers (e.g., piracy, privacy, security, phishing, spyware, cyberbullying);

D2.3 outline and apply strategies to encourage ethical computing practices at home, at school, and at work.

MediaSmarts Resources

Cyberbullying and the Law

Finding and Authenticating Online Information on Global Development Issues

First, Do No Harm: Being an Active Witness to Cyberbullying

Hate 2.0

Online Relationships: Respect and Consent

Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online: My Virtual Life

Secure Comics

Shaking the Movers: Youth Rights and Media

Taming the Wild Wiki

The Privacy Dilemma: Lesson Plan for Senior Classrooms

Who Knows? Your Privacy in the Information Age

Your Online Resume

Licensed Resources