Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Mathematics at Work Grade 12


Overall Expectations

P01 Students will be expected to analyze and interpret problems that involve probability.

Specific Expectations

P01.01 Describe and explain the applications of probability (e.g., medication, warranties, insurance, lotteries, weather prediction, 100-year flood, failure of a design, failure of a product, vehicle recalls, approximation of area).

P01.02 Calculate the probability of an event based on a data set.

P01.03 Express a given probability as a fraction, decimal, and percent and in a statement.

P01.04 Explain the difference between odds and probability.

P01.05 Determine the probability of an event, given the odds for or against.

P01.06 Explain, using examples, how decisions may be based on a combination of theoretical probability calculations, experimental results, and subjective judgements.

P01.07 Solve a contextual problem that involves a given probability.

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