Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Social Studies Grade 2


Overall Expectations 2.1.1 Students will be expected to describe changes in their lives and their reactions to these changes.

2.1.2 Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of how individuals and groups have contributed to change.

2.1.3 Students will be expected to explain how decisions made by individuals and diverse groups result in change (local, national, and global).

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Overall Expectation 2.2.1 describe and evaluate the role of technology in their lives

2.2.2 demonstrate an understanding that people have changed technology over time to meet their needs, wants, and interests

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Overall Expectation

2.3.1 give examples of how children and their families use economic decision making as consumers

2.3.2 Students will be expected to explain how supply and demand affects price

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