Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Wellness Through Physical Education 110

Overall Expectations

  • Students investigate what it means to be well.
  • Students evaluate and address personal wellness needs
  • Students analyze how society, media and culture influence wellness

Specific Expectations

Students will research how wellness is defined in multiple sources (e.g., print, online, media) and evaluate the credibility of sources for purpose, bias or intent

Students will know:

  • risk-taking behaviours impact personal wellness
  • examples of risk-taking behaviours (e.g., substance abuse, addictive behaviours, sexual decision making, vehicle safety
  • proactive decision making strategies protect personal health and wellness

Students will discuss appropriate actions to mitigate risk

Students will know:

  • media affects how wellness is valued/perceived
  • social norms are related to culture and influence standards of wellness

Lessons that meet 110 expectations