Outcome Chart - Manitoba - History of Canada 11

Cluster 1: First Peoples and Nouvelles Frances (to 1763)


Overall Expectations: What is history and why do we study it?

  • Learn what it means to be a citizen of Canada
  • Develop awareness of Canada’s global interconnectedness
  • Understand the diversity and range of human experience
  • Enrich cultural literacy

Specific Expectations:

  • What is the role of the media in establishing the historical significance of an event? (HS)
  • How reliable is this source of information? (E)
  • What factors make sources more (or less) reliable? (E)
  • What does this source reveal about its intended message or purpose?
  • What is missing or omitted from this source? Does this source conflict with evidence from other sources? (E)
  • Are there conflicts or gaps in these sources? (E)
  • Does this source reveal any bias or judgment? (E)
  • Should present-day citizens bear any ethical responsibility for the actions of the past? (ED)

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