Workplace Mathematics 11

Curricular Competencies

Students are expected to do the following:

Reasoning and modelling

  • Develop thinking strategies to solve puzzles and play games
  • Explore, analyze, and apply mathematical ideas using reason, technology, and other tools
  • Estimate reasonably and demonstrate fluent, flexible, and strategic thinking about number
  • Model with mathematics in situational contexts
  • Think creatively and with curiosity and wonder when exploring problems

Understanding and solving

  • Develop, demonstrate, and apply conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas through play, story, inquiry, and problem solving

MediaSmarts Resources

Crime in the News
Crime Perceptions Quiz
Perceptions of Youth and Crime
The Invisible Machine: Big Data and You


Students are expected to know the following:

  • how probability and statistics are used in different contexts
  • financial literacy: gross and net pay

MediaSmarts Resources

Crime in the News
Crime Perceptions Quiz
Gambling in the Media
Online Gambling and Youth

Perceptions of Youth and Crime