British Columbia - Statistics 12

Big Ideas

  • Statistics plays an integral role in research, decision making, and policy in society.
  • The research question and practical and ethical issues determine whether a statistical study should be observational or experimental.
  • Statistical analysis allows us to explore, describe, model, and explain variation.
  • We can develop statistical thinking to help make inferences intuitive.
  • Statistical findings gain value through effective communication.

Curricular Competency

Students are expected to be able to do the following:

Reasoning and modelling:

Develop thinking strategies to solve puzzles and play games

Explore, analyze, and apply statistical ideas using reason, technology, and other tools

Estimate reasonably and demonstrate fluent, flexible, and strategic thinking about number

Think creatively and with curiosity and wonder when exploring problems

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Understanding and solving:

Develop, demonstrate, and apply conceptual understanding of statistical ideas through play, story, inquiry, and research

Apply flexible and strategic approaches to explore statistical questions in abstract and situational contexts

Explore research questions with persistence and a positive disposition

Engage in statistical thinking to answer questions connected with place, story, cultural practices, and perspectives relevant to local First Peoples communities, the local community, and other cultures

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Students are expected to know the following:

role of statistical thinking in research and the scientific method

communication of statistical findings

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