Computer Science 12

Curricular Competencies

Students are expected to do the following:

Reasoning and modelling

  • Develop fluent, flexible, and strategic thinking to analyze and

create algorithms

  • Explore, analyze, and apply mathematical ideas using reason, technology, and other tools
  • Model with mathematics in situational contexts
  • Think creatively and with curiosity and wonder when exploring problems

Understanding and solving

  • Develop, demonstrate, and apply conceptual understanding through experimentation, inquiry, and problem solving

Communicating and representing

  • Explain and justify computer science ideas and decisions in many ways

Connecting and reflecting

  • Reflect on mathematical and computational thinking
  • Connect mathematical and computer science concepts with each other, other areas, and personal interests

MediaSmarts Resources

Perceptions of Youth and Crime
The Invisible Machine: Big Data and You


Students are expected to know the following:

  • classical algorithms, including sorting and searching

MediaSmarts Resources

The Invisible Machine: Big Data and You