Helping our kids deal with cyberbullying

Kids may brush off online meanness as a joke, but cyberbullying can be even more devastating than face-to-face bullying. Technology allows for cyberbullying to take place on a much larger and more public scale than “traditional” bullying, with the potential for numerous witnesses, greater humiliation, and possibly even more instigators. With this extended reach, kids can be victimized anywhere and at any time, and feel like there is no escape.

Parents are the number one group of people that kids turn to for help with cyberbullying, and most kids say that talking to their parents makes the situation better.

This parent guide provides information about cyberbullying, and includes practical tips on how to help prevent or reduce the impact of cyberbullying, what you should do if your child is targeted or if your child is cyberbullying someone, and how you can help your child stand up to cyberbullying.