Benefits of Privilege in Relation to Media


  1. I can look at the media and see people from my group widely represented as heroes, role models, leaders, news anchors, television hosts, and experts.
  2. In political ads that talk about protecting “our way of life”, “our culture”, “our values”, “our civilization”, I can generally assume that my group is included.
  3. At school, I can expect to be given materials that attest to the existence of my group.
  4. When talking about the best movies and television shows, I can expect to see my group widely represented in almost all levels of production (writing, producing, acting, directing).
  5. I can easily avoid shows that do not focus on telling the stories of individuals affiliated with my group.
  6. I can easily avoid media that portray members of my group in a negative light, as victims, or as clowns and freaks.
  7. Most characters in media that are members aren't expected to represent my entire group.
  8. The revelation that a character is a member of my group is never a cause for shock, or used as the butt of a joke.
  9. Members of other groups in the media rarely if ever use potential membership in my group as an insult hurled at others.
  10. There are many films and television shows in which a member of my group plays a character who is a member of a different group.
  11. I can easily buy posters, movies, television shows, videogames, and merchandise featuring people from my group.
  12. I can worry about and discuss the lack of representation of a given group in the media without being seen as self-interested.
  13. I can, if I wish, arrange to not have to consume media that was not made by or for members of my group.
  14. I can be fairly casual about whether or not I understand the aesthetics and the canon of other groups’ media.
  15. I can be oblivious of the practices, customs, or culture of a group that is not mine as they are represented in television and film because in most cases, they will be explained to the audience — usually by a member of my group.