Diversity in Media

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The media help to construct our perception of the world in which we live. But what happens when media representations omit or distort whole groups of people? In this section, we explore issues of diversity representation and showcase efforts to counter stereotyping and promote more accurate portrayals.

What we see – and don’t see – in media affects how we view reality. Media works can be imagined either as mirrors that reflect an audience’s own experience, windows that give them access to experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have known, or in some cases both.

Privilege in the Media

Privilege manifests itself in a many ways. The fact that it is systemic rather than localized means that it is difficult to identify. Moreover, individual benefits of privilege may often seem small — but being outside of privilege can have staggering setbacks. This section helps identify how media and privilege intersect.

Indigenous People

This section hones in on many issues that are specific or unique to Indigenous people in Canada, including the underreporting of crimes against Indigenous people by news media and the unique challenges faced by Indigenous people seeking to produce content for their own communities.

Persons with Disabilities

In this section, we explore common media representations of people with disabilities. We also discuss issues relating to people with disabilities finding work in media and challenge common assumptions about people with physical and mental disabilities.

Queer Representation

In this section, we explore how a heteronormative media constructs, represents, and comments on the legitimacy of 2SLGBTQ+ identities. We also explore the differences and overlaps between mainstream media and their 2SLGBTQ+ counterparts.


The myriad religions practiced by Canadian believers are not always represented fairly or accurately by media. In this section we explore the challenges faced by the three major monotheisms in Canada’s media landscape.

Visible Minorities

While there is growing demand for more and better diversity in media, entertainment and news media are not balanced in their portrayal of racial and cultural diversity. These articles look at representation and participation by racialized groups in different media.

Diversity in Media Toolbox

The Diversity and Media Toolbox is a comprehensive suite of resources that explores issues relating to stereotyping, bias and hate in mainstream media and on the Internet. The program includes professional development tutorials, lesson plans, interactive student modules and background articles.

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