Outcome Chart - Ontario - Social Studies 1

Heritage and Identity: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities

A1.describe some of the ways in which people’s roles, relationships, and responsibilities relate to who they are and what their situation is, and how and why changes in circumstances might affect people’s roles, relationships, and responsibilities as well as their sense of self

A1.4 - describe the impact that people can have on each other in some different situations (e.g., when a person helps a child who is lost, when a child bullies another child, when a teacher helps a student find the answer to a problem, when schoolmates share toys or art supplies) and some of the ways in which interactions between people can affect a person’s sense of self

A2. use the social studies inquiry process to investigate some aspects of the interrelationship between their identity/sense of self, their different roles, relationships, and responsibilities, and various situations in their daily lives

A2.2 - gather and organize information on significant events, people, and/or places in their lives that contribute or have contributed to the development of their roles, relationships, responsibilities, and identity/sense of self (e.g., a birth or death in the family, their first day at school, a friend getting hurt at the park, getting lost in a shopping mall, their family’s place of worship), using primary and/or secondary sources that they have located themselves or that have been provided to them (e.g., photographs, family and other stories, interviews, artefacts, newspapers and magazines)

A3. demonstrate an understanding that they and other people have different roles, relationships, and responsibilities, and that all people should be treated with respect, regardless of their roles, relationships, and responsibilities

A3.4 identify some elements of respectful behaviour that they can practise in their everyday life

A3.5 demonstrate an understanding that it is important to treat other people and the environment with respect

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