Outcome Chart - Northwest Territories - Health Education Grade 8

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Northwest Territories Grade 8 Health Education curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Family Life

It is expected that students will:

  • describe male and female gender role stereotyping
  • identify factors that contribute to changes in gender role stereotyping


Images of Learning: Elementary

Perceptions of Youth and Crime

Learning Gender Stereotypes

Exposing Gender Stereotypes

The Impact of Gender Stereotypes

Gender Messages in Alcohol Advertising

The Girl in the Mirror

That’s Not Cool

Put Your Best Face Forward


It is expected that students will:

  • identify factors that influence food choices and habits


Selling Obesity

Alcohol and Other Drugs

It is expected that students will:

  • identify the choices which people have with regard to the use of alcohol
  • identify techniques used in advertising to influence people’s decisions
  • interpret information from the advertisements
  • design an advertisement
  • identify the images of alcohol as portrayed by advertisers


Kids, Alcohol and Advertising: Messages About Drinking

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising: Young Drinkers

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising: Understanding Brands

Kids, Alcohol and Advertising: Interpreting Media Messages

Who’s On First: Alcohol Advertising and Sports

Alcohol Myths

Gender Messages in Alcohol Advertising