Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Social Studies Grade 4

Big Ideas

  • The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people, and communities of Canada.
  • Demographic changes in North America created shifts in economic and political power.

Overall Expectations:

  • Use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions; gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions
  • Construct arguments defending the significance of individuals/groups, places, events, or developments (significance)
  • Ask questions, corroborate inferences, and draw conclusions about the content and origins of different sources (evidence)
  • Differentiate between intended and unintended consequences of events, decisions, or developments, and speculate about alternative outcomes (cause and consequence)
  • Construct narratives that capture the attitudes, values, and worldviews commonly held by people at different times or places (perspective)
  • Make ethical judgments about events, decisions, or actions that consider the conditions of a particular time and place (ethical judgment)

Specific Expectations

Students are expected to know the following:

• physiographic features and natural resources of Canada

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