The Family Chat

Lynn JataniaOur youngest is about to turn 14, and that means it’s time for the last member of our family to get her own cell phone.

We decided back when our oldest was heading off to high school that age 14, Grade 9, is cell phone time for our family. We’ve been happy with that decision – it seemed like the right time in terms of maturity, and also it became clear that having a phone to use in class at high school was beneficial and even expected.

The COVID-19 Letdown

Lynn JataniaI feel like I should knock wood when I say this, but it feels like maybe, someday, this lockdown might be over.

We’re still in rocky days as I write this, with active cases not dropping off as much as we all would like, and shops and attractions not as open as we would hope. But the vaccine is getting out there, albeit slowly, and some of the people we know have even received it already. Progress is being made, and we can start to dream of a time when life opens up again and we feel safer and more able to do the things we love to do.

Décrocher à l’heure de l’hyper connexion

Marie-Josée ArchambaultJe ne sais pas pour vous mais l’un des grands défis auquel la dernière année – covidesque – aura confronté ma famille, comme la vôtre probablement, c’est incontestablement celui de couper les liens avec tout ce monde numérique.  Un monde qui a littéralement envahi toutes les sphères de nos vies avec la force d’un tsunami.


Matthew JohnsonVoici Sasha. À 8 ans, elle est déjà très sociable, tant en ligne que hors ligne, et se préoccupe beaucoup de la façon dont le monde la voit : elle passe beaucoup de temps à s’assurer qu’elle est belle sur les photos en ligne, mais ne réfléchit pas toujours deux fois aux gens qui pourraient voir ces photos. Violet, la grande sœur de Sasha, est tout à l’opposé : elle est une joueuse inconditionnelle, tout aussi coriace que son « Barbare » du niveau 65. Bien qu’elle désespère parfois de sa sœur, Violet protège aussi farouchement sa sœur et déchaînera une grande colère contre quiconque s’en prend à Sasha.

Cyber Choices

Matthew JohnsonMeet Sasha. At age 8, she's a real social butterfly, both online and off, and is very concerned with how the world sees her: she spends a lot of time making sure she looks good in photos online but doesn't always think twice about who might see them. Violet is Sasha's older sister and her polar opposite: she's a hardcore gamer, and just as tough as her Level 65 Barbarian. Though she despairs of her sister sometimes, she's also fiercely protective of her and will unleash her considerable wrath on anyone she thinks is picking on Sasha.