Outcome Chart - British Columbia - Career-Life Education 10-12

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the BC Career-Life Education 10-12 curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Career-Life Education

Students are expected to be able to do the following:


  • Examine the influences of personal and public profiles on career-life opportunities
  • Identify risks and appreciate benefits associated with personal and public digital footprints
  • Consider the role of personal and employment networks in exploring career-life opportunities


  • Apply a mentor’s guidance in career-life exploration
  • Collaborate with supportive community members to explore the reciprocal influences of career-life choices
  • Communicate with the intent to highlight personal strengths, talents, accomplishments, and abilities


  • Demonstrate inclusive, respectful, and safe interactions in diverse career-life environments
  • Identify career-life challenges and opportunities, and generate and apply strategies
  • Explore and connect experiential learning both inside and outside of school with possible and preferred career-life pathways
  • Practise effective strategies for healthy school/work/life balance


  • Explore and reflect on career-life roles, personal growth, and initial planning for preferred career-life pathways
  • Develop preliminary profiles and flexible plans for career-life learning journeys


Students are expected to know the following:

Career-life development

  • mentorship opportunities
  • strategies for maintaining well-being in personal and
    work life
  • preferred ways of knowing and learning
  • competencies of the educated citizen, employability skills, essential skills, leadership and collaboration skills
  • self-assessment and reflection strategies
  • ways to represent themselves both personally and publicly
  • appropriate workplace behaviour and workplace safety

Connections with community

  • inclusive practices, including taking different worldviews and diverse perspectives into consideration
  • personal networking and employment marketing strategies
  • factors that both inform career-life choices and are influenced by them, including personal, environmental, and land use factors
  • ways to contribute to community and society that take cultural influences into consideration
  • value of volunteerism for self and community

Career-life planning

  • career-life development research
  • methods of organizing and maintaining authentic career-life evidence
  • models of decision making and innovative thinking for flexible planning and goal setting
  • financial planning tools, pre- and post-graduation opportunities, and local and global labour and market trends

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