Understanding the Internet Lesson Series - Portal Page

Lesson 1: Using the Internet

In this lesson, students will explore their own experiences with online activities, build a common vocabulary of online-related terminology and identify purposes and methods of online interactions from the user’s perspective.

Lesson 2: Pathways and Addresses

In this lesson, students will gain a greater understanding of how messages are sent and received over the Internet. They will analyze three videos to identify key information and vocabulary that will help them to continue constructing their Online Dictionaries from Lesson 1.

Lesson 3: Build Understanding

In this lesson students will identify and classify their own interactions with the Internet and will engage in a collaborative critical thinking activity that will have them examine the Internet from a variety of perspectives.

Lesson 4: Communication and Social Media

In this lesson, students will compare and contrast a variety of online social networking platforms and build an understanding of how they work to share messages. They will reflect on basic online rules and explore concepts of safety and privacy when accessing and sharing information online.