Are you Web aware? A checklist for parents

Are you involved in your kids’ online activities? Do you know what they are doing and who they are talking to when they are on the Internet?    
Does your family have a set of rules or an agreement for appropriate Internet use?    
Do your kids know to ask permission before submitting any personal information online? This includes: when using email, social networking sites or instant messaging filling out registration forms and personal profiles, and entering online contests.    
Do you try to not be too critical of your kids’ activities on the Net and use their Internet experiences as an opportunity to discuss inappropriate content, trust and responsibility?    
Do you make Internet use a family activity by guiding your kids to good sites and teaching them how to do safe, effective searches?    
Have you taught your kids not to believe everything they read online and to check online information with an adult or with another source?    
If your child accesses the Internet from school or your local library, are you familiar with their acceptable use policies?    
Do you look at the privacy policies on the commercial what kind of personal information is gathered and if it may be sold to another party?    
Have you reassured your kids that you won't "freak out", overreact or cut off their internet access if they come to you with a problem?    
If your kids are on a social networking site, have you talked to them about making careful choices before posting?    
Have you talked to your kids about responsible online behaviour? Do they understand that stealing from websites, downloading pirated software, making online threats and hacking are illegal activities?