Are you Web aware? A checklist for kids ages 9-12

I ask my parents' permission before giving out any personal information on the Internet, including: my sex, name, phone number, address, email, school name, my parents' work address/telephone numbers, credit card information, my picture and my passwords.    
I only use websites for kids that my parents have checked out for me.    
When I’m online I always use a nickname that doesn’t reveal anything about me – including if I am a boy or girl.    
If an online message makes me feel uncomfortable or frightened, I don’t respond to it. Instead I tell an adult right away.    
If I want to arrange a meeting with someone I’ve met on the Internet, I tell my parents first and make sure one of them comes with me.    
I treat people nicely when I’m online and never post or send rude messages or threats.    
I always ask permission from the author before taking words, pictures or sounds from a website.    
I use websites and search engines for kids that my parents, teacher or librarian have told me about.    
I know that things I read online aren’t always true so I check the information with a parent or teacher.    
I always check with an adult before opening emails from strangers.