Are you Web aware? A checklist for kids ages 13-17

I know how to protect my privacy on the Internet by thinking carefully about what I share online and never posting my personal contact info (address, email address, telephone number) or sharing my credit card information or passwords.    
I talk to my parents about what I’m doing online.    
I read the privacy policies on websites before filling out online registration or contest forms to make sure they will not be sharing my information.    
If I encounter disturbing material or harassing messages online, I don’t respond. I tell a parent or another adult and my Internet Service Provider.    
If I am planning to meet an online acquaintance in real life, I get permission from a parent first. I arrange the meeting for a public place and I don’t go alone.    
I try to confirm that online information is correct by finding out more about the author and by checking it against other sources.    
I respect others online. I never “flame” or insult others or spread gossip.    
I know the following activities are illegal and I don’t practice them: hacking, making physical threats and downloading pirated software.    
I respect copyright by not stealing from other websites or using plagiarised material for homework assignments.    
I check with my parents before making financial transactions online, including purchasing, ordering or selling anything.    
I am careful about the photos and information I post on social networking sites.