Saskatchewan - Outcome Chart - Foundations of Mathematics 30

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Saskatchewan, Foundations of Mathematics 30, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Logical Thinking, Number Sense, Spatial Sense, Mathematics as a Human Endeavour

Overall Expectations

FM30.2 Demonstrate understanding of inductive and deductive reasoning including:

analysis of conditional statements

analysis of puzzles and games involving numerical and logical reasoning

making and justifying decisions

solving problems.

[C, CN, ME, PS, R]

Specific Expectations

Make and justify decisions related to “what-if?” questions, in contexts such as probability, finance, sports, games, or puzzles, with or without technology.

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Overall Expectations

FM30.4 Extend understanding of odds and probability.

[C, CN, ME]

Specific Expectations

Provide and explain the meaning of statements of probability and odds relevant to one’s self, family, and community (e.g., statements of probability found in media, science, medicine, sports, sociology, and psychology).

Explain, using examples, the relationship between odds (part-part) and probability (part-whole).

Express odds as a probability and vice versa.

Determine the probability of, or the odds for and against, an outcome in a situation.

Explain, using examples, how decisions may be based on probability or odds and on subjective judgments

Solve contextual problems that involve odds and probability.

Identify, describe, and justify examples of correct and incorrect use of the words “odds” or “probability” in daily language or in the media

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