Outcome Chart – Nunavut - School Health Program 8

Strand: Aulajaaqtut

Overall Expectations: Mental and Emotional Well-being


1. define stress
2. identify causes of stress
3. identify how stress affects the body

1. identify specific methods of dealing with stress

1. define depression
2. identify causes of depression
3. identify the signals of depression
4. identify ways of dealing with depression

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Overall Expectations: Alcohol and Other Drugs


1. identify the choices which people have with regard to the use of alcohol
2. explain the responsible use of alcohol
3. identify ways in which people demonstrate responsible use of alcohol

1. explain misuse and abuse of alcohol
2. identify alcoholism as a treatable disease

1. identify how a person's life may be affected by alcohol
2. identify the particular problems which alcohol may cause for teenagers
3. assess their personal alcohol use
4. review the resources available in a community for youth

1. identify the images of alcohol as portrayed by advertisers
2. identify the negative effects of alcohol use


1. identify techniques used in advertising to influence people's decisions
2. interpret information from the advertisements
3. design an advertisement

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