Coming this October: Digital Citizen Day and Media Literacy Week

September 20, 2023 –  Our online environments present unique challenges: extremism, online hate and the spread of misinformation and AI-generated deepfakes, just to name a few. But studies have shown that it takes just 10 percent of the people in a community to set its values. Spreading positive content can have a real impact.

Almost half of Canadian youth say they see racist or sexist content online often

New research conducted during the pandemic by MediaSmarts found almost half of Canadian youth (47%) ages 12 to 17 see racist or sexist content online at least once a week. These findings are shared in MediaSmarts’ new Encountering Harmful and Discomforting Content Online report, which is the second in a series of reports in the latest phase of Young Canadians in a Wireless World, a national survey of 1,058 youth ages 9 to 17 conducted in Autumn 2021.