This lesson introduces students to the ways in which commercial Web sites collect personal information from kids and to the issues surrounding children and privacy on the Internet.

To make students aware of the ways in which male violence is used and promoted in advertising.

In this lesson, students explore issues surrounding the marketing of alcoholic beverages on the Internet.

This lesson makes students aware of online privacy issues, primarily those relating to giving out personal information on social networking Web sites such as Facebook. Students will learn to assess the various types of information they provide in Facebook profiles, along with the different levels of access.

Internet and mobile communications technologies offer a wealth of opportunities for fun, learning, and exploration. They also present parents and teachers with a host of concerns and worries. In this section, you can find resources on how to tackle these issues in a positive way.

Many preschoolers are already active computer users. According to a 2012 Ofcom report, one-third of children ages 3-4 access the Internet using a computer, while a 2011 survey by Common Sense Media found that roughly the same number have used mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While children at this age have a limited attention span for online activities, Internet images and sounds can stimulate their imaginations and add to their experiences.

This interactive unit is designed to help kids between the ages of 5 and 8 recognize the marketing techniques used on commercial websites that target children.