How to Report Hate Online

Tip Sheet

One of the best ways of fighting hate is to report it to the service or site that hosts the content.

One of the best ways of fighting hate is to report it to the service or site that hosts the content.

Seven in ten kids say they would be more likely to respond to prejudice online if the website or app they were using had clear and easy-to-use tools for reporting unacceptable behaviour.

To help make it easier for you to report hate online, here are instructions on how to do it in some of the places where kids report seeing hate and prejudice most often. We’ve also added links to community standards and guidelines for different platforms. You can cut and paste from these to show people when something they’ve posted is against the platform rules.

Facebook: Find the content you want to report and then go to the How to Report Things page ( To see if something violates Facebook’s Community Standards, check here:

Instagram: You can see Instagram’s Community Guidelines here: To report hate content in a photo: tap the three dots above the photo and then tap Report. To report it in a comment: tap the word balloon below the image, swipe or tap the comment you want to report, tap ! (the exclamation mark icon) and then choose Report This Comment.

Snapchat: To report a Snap or a Story, press and hold it and then tap the flag icon or “Report Snap” when it appears. Snapchat’s Community Guidelines are here: 

YouTube: You need to be signed in to report content on YouTube. To report a video, move to the part of the video that has the hate content and then click the three dots below the video player. Select Report, then select Hateful or Abusive Content and add any details explaining why you consider it to be hate content. YouTube’s community guidelines are here:

TikTok: Tap ‘Share’ on the right side of the video and choose Report. You can see TikTok’s Community Guidelines here:

Discord: There are two ways of reporting content on Discord. The first is to tell the moderator of the server you’re on. The second is to report it directly to Discord with this form: All Discord servers have to follow the service’s Community Guidelines (you can see those at but some servers will have stricter rules as well.

Twitch: To report a channel click or tap the three dots and then Report. To report a user, click or tap the user’s name in chat and then click Report. Here are Twitch’s Community Guidelines: Twitch also has instructions on what to include in a report:

Fortnite: Start by selecting the menu icon. How you do this is different depending on what system you’re using: press ESC on a PC or Mac, Options on a Playstation, Menu on Xbox and + on a Switch. Select Report Player, then choose the best option on the Reason tab. Select the player on the Player Name tab. If you want you can use the Additional Info tab to give more information. Select Send Report when you’re done. The Code of Conduct for Fortnite and all other Epic Games games is here:

Overwatch: From the Chat window you can right-click the player’s name, select Report, and then select the appropriate action. The Code of Conduct for Overwatch and all other Blizzard games is here:

Roblox: Click “Report Abuse” to send a message to the moderators. You can also send a message directly to Roblox at You can see the Roblox Community Rules at

Minecraft: If someone violates the Community Standards ( on a Realm or Featured Server you can report it with this form: . Private servers, on the other hand, are not moderated by the company: it is up to the user who runs the server to decide what behaviour is unacceptable.

For platforms other than the ones listed here, go to their website and look for Frequently Asked Questions or Community Guidelines. You can also check this list:

If a channel, video or post has ads, you can also complain to the advertiser. Find out how to do that here: