Career Education

Career Development 10 “prepares students with broad strokes to prepare for the workplace.”[1]  Alongside learning self-assessment and increasing their self-awareness, students will “examine the changing world of work and analyse ways they can be prepared for a future that is constantly evolving.”[2]  Financial literacy makes up a large part of this course because students will be introduced to “budgeting, financial decision making and money management strategies…”[3] Career Development 11 carries on from its precursor, by “building on students’ developing personal and financial awareness of life on their own.”[4]  MediaSmarts’ resources clearly link to the financial literacy and management components of both courses in terms of how advertising and social media can affect financial decisions.

On the sidebar, you can click on the grade level under the heading “Career Education” in order to view and use the different MediaSmarts resources associated with the topics. (Note: as many of our lessons can be adapted to suit different grade levels, specific lessons may be listed for more than one grade.  Teachers should also note that individual lessons often satisfy several learning outcomes.)


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