Outcome Chart - Northwest Territories - Science Grade 4

Habitats and Communities

Overall Expectations

Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of habitat and community and identify some factors that could affect habitats and communities of plants and animals;

Describe ways in which humans can change habitats and the effects of these changes on the plants and animals within the habitats.

Specific Expectations

By the end of Grade 4, students will: Describe ways in which humans are dependent on plants and animals (e.g., for food products, medicine, heat, lumber, other building materials, and clothing (e.g., moose/caribou hides, cotton);

Describe ways in which humans can affect the natural world (e.g., over harvesting of wild populations, urban development, mines, pipelines, etc. forces some species to go elsewhere and enables other species left behind to multiply too rapidly or starve; conservation areas can be established to protect specific habitats, harvesting can be regulated or stopped for a specific length of time, laws and technology can be used to minimize impacts);

Show the effects on plants and animals of the loss of their natural habitat (e.g., nesting sites for ducks can be destroyed if a road acts as a dam, global warming);

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