Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Science 4-6

General Curricular Outcome 2: Skills

Overall Expectations

Students will develop the skills required for scientific and technological inquiry, for solving problems, for communicating scientific ideas and results, for working collaboratively, and for making informed decisions.

Specific Expectations

1.0 propose questions to investigate and practical problems to solve

2.0 rephrase questions in a testable form

3.0 state a prediction and a hypothesis

4.0 identify various methods for finding answers to questions and solutions to problems, and select one that is appropriate

5.0 devise procedures to carry out a fair test and to solve a practical problem

6.0 identify appropriate tools, instruments, and materials to complete investigations

7.0 carry out procedures to explore a given problem and to ensure a fair test, controlling major variables

8.0 select and use tools

9.0 follow procedures

10.0 select and use tools for measuring

11.0 make observations and collect information that is relevant to the question or problem

12.0 record observations

13.0 identify and use a variety of sources and technologies to gather relevant information

14.0 construct and use devices for a specific purpose

15.0 classify according to several attributes and create a chart or diagram that shows the method of classifying

16.0 compile and display data

17.0 identify and suggest explanations for patterns and discrepancies in data

18.0 draw a conclusion that answers an initial question

19.0 suggest improvements to a design or constructed object

20.0 evaluate personally constructed devices

21.0 identify new questions or problems that arise from what was learned

22.0 communicate questions, ideas, and intentions, and listen to others while conducting investigations

23.0 communicate procedures and results

24.0 work with group members to evaluate processes used in solving a problem

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