Cybersecurity and Technical Support 110

GCO1: Students will demonstrate communication and operational skills specific to supporting and securing digital technology.

Overall Expectations:

SCO1.2: Students will articulate challenges and hypothesize solutions to complete projects and resolve cybersecurity events

Specific Expectations:

Articulate challenges

  • that may involve people and/or technology
  • to analyze where cybersecurity vulnerabilities exist

Hypothesize solutions

  • that may be involved in completing projects and resolving cybersecurity events
  • to determine possible strategies to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • to proactively and reactively mitigate cybersecurity risks involving people and technology by keeping a record of possible solutions for mitigating a variety of cybersecurity risks

MediaSmarts Resources

Online Relationships: Respect and Consent
Privacy Rights of Children and Teens
Secure Comics


GCO2: Students will use computational thinking skills to analyze challenges and to create and evaluate solutions

Overall Expectations:

SCO2.4: Students will analyze data, identify risks and troubleshoot by using algorithms

Specific Expectations:

Algorithmic Thinking

  • to evaluate and defend a cybersecurity target by analyzing data, and by identifying and mitigating risks
  • to create a repeatable list that will help investigate and solve issues related to cybersecurity events
  • to explain how algorithms are used by online systems, and the potential inaccuracies and vulnerabilities


  • to troubleshoot a cybersecurity event, including vulnerability management
  • to design a troubleshooting guide to help others respond to cybersecurity events
  • to evaluate and improve a troubleshooting guide

MediaSmarts Resources

Secure Comics
The Invisible Machine: Big Data and You


GCO3: Students will develop and demonstrate skill in managing computers, networks and cybersecurity threats

Overall Expectations:

SCO3.3: Students will develop and demonstrate skills to identify and counter cybersecurity threats.

Specific Expectations:

Cybersecurity Threats

  • Demonstrate use of proper threat terminology
  • Understand and implement post-threat detection and analysis (including the order of operations)
  • Determine and implement appropriate operating system security settings
  • Determine and implement password security techniques

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Understand and identify network vulnerabilities (e.g. public Wi-Fi hotspots)
  • Understand and identify computer vulnerabilities (e.g. Bluetooth on personal devices)
  • Identify common communication encryption (e.g. DES, MD5, RSA, SHA-1)

Penetration Testing

  • Identify the technical means an attacker might use to gain access to a computer or network

MediaSmarts Resources

Secure Comics

Overall Expectations:

SCO3.4: Students will communicate an understanding of cybersecurity events, causes, impacts, responses, and outcomes using technical and non-technical language.

Specific Expectations:

Identify and analyze the people and their roles in cybersecurity events

  • Consider potential victims and stakeholders
  • Consider potential perpetrators and sponsors
  • Consider potential motives of all parties
  • Consider the actions, as well as causes and effects of the actions
  • Persuade an audience about your interpretation of a cybersecurity event using data and inference

MediaSmarts Resources

Online Relationships: Respect and Consent
Secure Comics