Computer Science 110

GCO1: Demonstrate communication and operational skills specific to computer science

Overall Expectations:

SCO 1.4: Students will apply the fundamentals of digital technology in relation to coding and computer science

Specific Expectations:

Fundamentals of Digital Technology in Relation to Coding:

  • to identify computer science and computer programming in everyday life and in relation to other disciplines
  • to identify current issues such as cybersecurity and the Internet
  • to identify key terms and aspects of computer science especially in relation to coding
  • to provide rationale and expectations regarding ethics and professional conduct

MediaSmarts Resources

GCO2: Use computational thinking skills to analyze challenges and to create and evaluate solutions

Overall Expectations:

SCO2.4: Students will create and use algorithms to organize and analyze data and information

Specific Expectations:

Algorithmic Thinking

  • to explain how algorithms are used in coding projects, and the potential inaccuracies or security vulnerabilities