New Brunswick – Science 6

Strand: Scientific Literacy

Big Idea: Sensemaking

Skill Descriptor:

Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to construct explanations and conclusions.  

Achievement Indicators:

    Represent and organize titled and labelled collected data using drawings, digital technologies, simple text, tables and other graphical formats

    Interpolate or extrapolate from patterns or trends in collected data

    Classify and sort objects and events

    Confirm the validity/reliability of tests and identify possible sources of errors

    Confirm or refute hypotheses using collected data, other sources, and/or reliable media

    Identify new questions that arise from scientific inquiry or new information

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Big Idea: Communication

Skill Descriptor:

Communicate procedure, result, and conclusion using a variety of media and working collaboratively.  

Achievement Indicators:

Communicate procedures, results, and conclusions of scientific inquiry in a clear and logical order

Use science, mathematics, and technology language that others understand

Discuss observations and ideas from scientific inquiry, peers, educators, and/or guests

Support or refute hypotheses using evidence from data analysis

Communicate how problems were solved or can be solved

Suggest reasons if data does not follow general trends or expected relationships

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