Political Thinking 20

Overall Expectations:

The objectives of Political Thinking 20 are:

1. to provide an understanding of the process of political decision making

2. to further an understanding of the democratic process

3. to establish an awareness on the part of the student of different political points of view and to create in the student an element of political sophistication

4. to illustrate the relationship that exists in society between freedom, on the one hand, and responsibility on the other

5. to emphasize the above objectives in terms of their relevance to the Canadian political system.

Specific Expectations:

1. Definition of political science

2. Historical forms of governance

3. The exercising of political power

MediaSmarts Resources

Digital Skills for Democracy: Assessing online information to make civic choices
Making Media for Democratic Citizenship
PushBack: Engaging in Online Activism
Shaking the Movers: Youth Rights and Media
Suffragettes and Iron Ladies
Watching the Elections