Lessons on Media and Global Development for Grades 7-12

In this five- or six-day unit, students create a video podcast to present balanced, unbiased perspectives on global development issues.

In this four-day unit, students will examine the role of popular culture celebrities in creating awareness of world issues.

In this three-day unit, students assess media coverage of natural disasters and their aftermath. Students explore how sensationalism plays a role in determining what is newsworthy, and how that can distort our perception of issues in developing nations.

Much of what we believe about the world comes from the media products we see and hear. This is especially true of places and things we might not have actually experienced, such as developing nations and global development efforts. Beyond Media Messages: Media Portrayal of Global Development looks at how the media influences our views of developing nations and global development efforts, how we can learn to read or view media portrayals critically and how we can become media authors to promote democratic citizenship.