What is Digital Media Literacy?

Media are all around us. From the TV we watch and the advertisements we see to the social media sites we use and the news we read. Our digitally connected world is constantly changing how we play, learn and interact with each other.

That’s where digital media literacy comes in. To survive and thrive in a digital age, we all need to know how to access digital media and how use, understand and engage with it to our full potential.

  • Access means being able to access devices in order to use and consume media and to find content with tools such as search engines, databases, wikis and streaming services.
  • Use is the technical skills needed to use digital and media tools like cameras, computers, mobile devices, software and online platforms.
  • Understand means thinking critically about how and why media are made; examining the impact that media have on us and on society; and reflecting on how we use digital and media tools.
  • Engage means using media effectively and responsibly to participate in our online and offline communities as engaged and responsible citizens.

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