Break the Fake: How to tell what’s true online

Break the Fake WorkshopThe Break the Fake: How to tell what's true online workshop will teach audiences four quick, easy steps they can take to spot misinformation and find out if something online is true or not.

Designed for audiences aged 11 and up, this workshop comes with everything you need to host a 60-minute presentation - including a slideshow, facilitator guide and handouts.

Break the Fake Interactive E-Learning Module 

Start the self-directed tutorial (HTML5)

Download PowerPoint Presentation (.zip)

Google Slides

Workshop Facilitator Guide (PDF)

Break the Fake Poster: Four ways to tell if something is true online

Tip Sheet: Break the Fake: Make Your Own Custom Search Engine


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This workshop plan is part of the Break the Fake project. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.